Electrik Tiger was founded by Alex Yip in 2016, originally created to inspire him to design more and break out of his comfort zone with his illustrations, however over the time Electrik Tiger has been up and running its evolved into something a lot more,  it's become a community.


Although at the moment small, the Electrik Tiger community has come together to do two things, break the "normal" around streetwear design and give positivity to those who are different, to those who feel out of place or down about themselves.


Electrik Tiger means to be different, Electrik Tiger means to love yourself no matter what.





In 2018 we're looking to expand more, release new designs on new items of clothing and to voice our message more, it's unclear at the moment where we want to be by the end of 2018 but we know what we want to accomplish and that's to show everyone that its good to be different.




Yup, we're environmentally conscious, we love our planet, it's our home and because of that all our clothing is 100% organic, ethically made and environmentally friendly from creation of the clothing to the printing of the designs, even our shipping bags are biodegradable, although we'd prefer if you recycled them.